Hey bloggers:)

Hello, I’m Amal. Im a young Welsh girl. I love reading, drawing and enjoy sports not that I’m a sporty but I love basketball, tennis, Rugby and Badminton. I hope that I get good grades in my GCSE and able to work in a Health Centre or Hospital.  I want to be ale to have a nice life enjoying while I can and get over my fears and sadness.

Why create a blog?  Well I all started when I watched C-Word. Based on Lisa Lynch life and the cancer she created a blog to help herself. She unfortunately died in 2013 but her book and blog are still an inspiration to everyone. She was a fighter, an incredible woman. I enjoyed her story so much that I cried in the end. Always happens to me a good show or movie makes me emotional. I don’t know if its me or a girl thing that people say these days.

Anyways, I was inspired by her and decided to create a blog. Weird Isn’t? But I think it’s alright. I hope it’ll be Fun☺